Leadsource tracking

I need to find a way to track lead sources by Opportunity. By only being able to track a Lead Source by the contact, this does not provide enough detail. The original client might be a lead from the website, but 3 years later they are a Repeat Client…each opportunity to have its own lead source at the time of the opportunity.

Goto your opportunities list and edit the search criteria. Under the columns tab sort by leadsource.

So this doesn’t answer my question. The leadsource is tied to the contact. There can be multiple opportunities for a single contact. The first lead might be from a conference. But repeat business might be from a different lead source. If you change the Leadsource on the contact record for a 2nd opportunity that changes the historical record as well. This is very typical and something that is easily done in Salesforce. Has IFS looked into this at all?