Leadsource field not being overwritten

I have set up an automation for contacts with a generic leadsource which asks them to click an email link to switch the leadsource depending on their choice.

The automation and tagging all seems to work - accept even after going through the short sequence to overwrite the leadsource field, the field is not overwritten. Despite having the tag applied that follows this step, the leadsource remains as it was.

Can anyone explain why? (I’ve obviously ticked the ‘overwrite’ field).

Once a leadsource is written, you cannot directly overwrite it with a new value. I usually run an actionset that sets the leadsource ID to 0 and then set the leadsource again.

Ah, thank you. It seems a little misleading that there is a checkbox ‘Overwrite Existing Value’, I’m not sure what that actually does now.

That checkbox works for most every field but there are a couple of fields that are special cases. Leadsource is a “write once” field.

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Thanks - I appreciate the knowledge.

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