Tracking multiple sources

what’s the best way to set up tracking for multiple sources -

Hi Marcin, I think this should give you what you need:

@Greg_Jenkins, will this technique Mike Hilton laid out so clearly only work for hosted Infusionsoft forms or will it work if the form is added via the HTML onto a Wordpress site or via something like LeadPages? I’m not sure how @Marcin_Marczak is hosting his form shown in the video.

Good point. It WILL vary based on the tool you’re using for your pages.

For example, here’s how you can handle this with Leadpages: How to Set an Infusionsoft Lead Source in LeadPages - YouTube

But as you pointed out, depending on the system it’ll be a little different. I would expect the URL Params plugin would be useful for any wordpress instances though. :slight_smile:

I have got to figure out how to use the URL Params plugin for things like this…just not comprehending. Have you seen Jordan’s article at He lays out the same procedure as Mike but says that Javascript is needed to pick up the Lead Source ID and put it in the hidden field. He has a link to the Javascript code.

thank you, I tried on clickfunnels but it does not pick up the source - can you pls help me out to fix it with clickfunnels?