How to discover when a contact signed in

Hello. How do I see when my contacts signed in to my site?

A lot will depend on what that means. I’m guessing you’re referring to your website and not to your IS affiliate login or some other area? That would then depend on what you are using for a website. Most use Wordpress. Then that becomes a question about Wordpress login, not Infusionsoft related so much. Now if the intent is to somehow record in Infusionsoft when someone logs into your Wordpress sight, there are ways to indicated that in Notes within IS but Infusionsoft isn’t built around the idea of managing activity on an external website so it’s not a perfect solution. Still, websites can register logins with Notes in IS but it would take custom programming. We’ve done this for a couple of clients before so I can at least confirm it can be done, but there isn’t a native way in IS to do so.