Updating Existing CRM contacts with leads submitted in custom wordpress portal

I am helping on a site I did not design, Essentially the way it is set up, On our page to become an affiliate, We have a sign up form which is connected to Infusionsoft, Once submitted the user is given a login name and password to which they can login to a custom portal on the site that the previous developer had created, In this portal the affiliate can add new referal leads and upload the related files, these then go into a list within the wordpress dashboard. My question is how can i have those leads taken from that list and added to a list on infusionsoft and then have an email sent to the client whenever a new lead is submitted? Reason being not all of the partners have access to the wordpress dashboard but they do to the infusionsoft account.

so to clarify, the leads that are submitted by the affiliate are not submitted through the an Infusionsoft form?

No it is through a form in the wordpress portal that was created by the previous developer