How to complete the information and then click the Submit button to create contact. One is the baby's information, which is the parent's information?

Hello everyone.
I have a question to ask:
How to complete the information and then click the Submit button to create contact. One is the baby’s information, which is the parent’s information?
Hope everyone please help me.
Thank you so much everyone.

Could you have one contact record for the parent and then have custom fields for the baby?

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If I remember correctly, I believe someone has been done before, but it required creating a script to be added into the Form or Thank You Page to do this. I think it was the Thank You page where it just submitted the second Contact Details.

@John_Borelli, do you remember in the old forum someone creating a script that added 2 Contact Records when submitting a Form, or after the Form was submitted? I maybe talking about several years ago when this occurred. Or have you done something like this before?

@Pav, @Chung_Mai_Xuan,

There is something similar. In the case of a contact being created a company record can then also be created using the contact details and company name entered. So similar idea. Additionally, contact link types can be used to manage the relationship.

The idea is that when a contact is created, a specific field (say a child’s name) can be used in the same way that a company name can be used, to establish a second contact and create a contact link to associate them. This does require an external php script to accomplish as it’s not something that IS can do “out of the box”

@John_Borelli, I believe this can be done without the need of a PHP script. Although it will lack being a Linked Contact.

If the Form Details are submitted to a Thank You page, a piece of Javascript can be used to intercept the URL Parameters and then do a second Form Post with the second person details.

Or, alternatively which maybe a better approach is to have a piece of Javascript in the Form and when the form is submitted the Second Person details are posted at the same time.

Although these approaches needs to be experimented on, but they have their pro’s and con’s.


How would you do the form post without getting blacklisted? Still involves coding so personally, I’d rather encapsulate the task but that might be a preference on my part :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What changed a few months in regards to Form Submissions?

I guess in the other forum post someone made they are getting blacklisted.

I’ve always (for years) seen people get blacklisted from form posting in code.

99% of the time I would do it via the API. Only the odd exception I would do it via Code Form Posting. Although I have not got into a blacklisted situation with the Code Form posting, or maybe I was lucky!

It won’t show up initially. Only after frequent calls in a relatively short period.

@Pav is this what you remember?

By Brett. I haven’t tried this recently however

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@Andy_Wroe, that is a better solution to what I remember. Although I cannot see the old forum, but something was mentioned in there a long time ago.

That link avoids the need of setting up any specific scripts. It just requires Custom Fields to be used.

Now this is posted, we can reference this in future.

I’m confused? That link shows specifically posting out to a script to create the second contact. Did I miss something?