Can you link contacts together?

Hi - we have a problem in that we have so many contacts in our system but we can have a number of contacts all from the one company. Is there a way to link the contacts together so if you add a task to one of the “linked” contacts, but then look at another of those contacts, it shows there is already a task under the original contact (that is linked). For example:

Person A - is the Managing Director
Person B - is the 2IC

Person A has contacted us so there is a task against this person but someone else gets an enquiry from Person B. Because there is no relationship in our system for the two people, the second person doesn’t know there is already a task against Person A so starts a new line of enquiry with Person B. Is there a way to link Person A & B together so it doesn’t matter which person you find, the information is there against both?

Not natively. You can indicate they are all with the same company by assigning the company id to each contact’s company id field but taking actions on that across all those contacts based on having the same company would likely require an http post to code to accomplish.

To exapnd upon @john_borrell
Novak Solutions ( has a tool that you can use to copy data from one contact to another based on info, but not Tasks, etc.

PlusThis has a feature called “Tag Associated Records” that allow you to apply the same tag across all records that have the same data in a field (so if the "company field’ was the same, it would cross-tag everyone in the database with that same company). This would work for applying tags across records and then those tags could drive the automation that you ran for all of those contact. Takes some creativity, but could accomplish your goals.

Hope that helps.


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