Update contact record fields with landing page form submission?

So I am new to the community - sorry if this question has already been answered somewhere. I did not see a solution to my problem.

So in the simplest terms, I need to update a contact record that already exists with the custom fields being filled out on a landing page form.

My Scenario:

Lets say I am holding an educational event and the attendees need to be approved by there landing page submission AND, the landing page submission of the person they have chosen as a professional reference.

So this needs to happen in chronological order, first the attendee creates their record with the application hosted on the attendee landing page. Then their professional reference gets an email with the link to the landing page their fill out endorsing the attendee.

I want both landing pages to update the same attendee’s contact record (custom fields as it is a questionnaire) with both of their answers. How can I hopefully make the answers from the professional reference form on their landing page update the attendee’s record. Finally the custom fields from both forms will print out to an email for the event admin to approve or deny.

I hope that makes sense. Thank you in advance!

Hi @Andrew_Zambrano,

As I’m sure you have imagined, the forms themselves would not be the challenge but rather the cross contact communication. If a contact that is a professional reference is filling out a form then the form has reference to that contact but NOT to the first contact. This might look a bit differently if the professional references were users in your app rather than contact records but it doesn’t sound like that is the case. So the only viable solution in this case would involve a developer writing an api script that handles that association and assignment for you immediately after the professional reference contact fills out their form by calling the same script via a http post in campaign builder.