How to apply tags automatically

I want to apply a “NEW LEAD” tag to all the customers who buy something.
When someone buys, the product tag is automatically applied to him, this is the campaign i’ve created.
TAG APPLIED (Category: product tags) → SEQUENCE (apply tag: NEW LEAD).
Therefore, when someone buys something he’ll receive that specific tag and he should be tagged with NEW LEAD tag. But it doesn’t work.
Thank you

Please send screenshots or a loom video

Cattura Cattura1

The structure looks good, but it doesn’t look like the campaign is published. Publish the campaign and see if it works.

Actually i’ve already published it before for a test.
So I put a “test tag” as starting goal, then I published the campaign and then I applied that tag only to my profile. But when I check my profile’s tags I can’t see the “new lead” tag.
I hope to be clear.

It all looks like it correct.
If you want to grant me access to the back-end as a partner, I can check it out.

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You have product purchase goals that you can use to trigger when specific products are purchased and then follow that goal with a sequence that sets the correct tag for that product.