How link GoCardless direct debit form to Infusionsoft campaign sequence

Hi guys,

Hope you could help me with this. We’ve just started working with IFS recently. Our new customers will be dropped into a sequence in a campaign in IFS. The email they will be sent includes a link to GoCardless where they will be asked to setup Direct Debit.

My question is how do we push the customers to the ‘Welcoming and account confirmation’ email after they’ve setup DD in GoCardless? There must be an automated way to link the platforms at the stage of DD confirmation setup but I haven’t been able to figure it out.

Many thanks for your help!

Hi @Rich_Robinson,

I would post this in the api forum to start with as this is an integration question. You’re going to run into Infusionsoft people knowing Infusionsoft and DirectDebit people knowing DirectDebit but it is not a high probability that someone if any, knows about both. Still, it doesn’t hurt to ask, of course, but there is no native solution out of the box on the Infusionsoft end. I can tell you much about integrating with Infusionsoft but I don’t know anything about the DirectDebit api.

Hi John,

I’ve posted it on the api board I think, I hope I get further clarification. Thanks for the note, it does look like a bit of a difficult one to solve…