Automatic reminders

Hi there,

Is it possible to set up automatic internal reminders in IFS?

For example, if a customer signs up but is overdue to setup their direct debit by 48 hours for example, I need IFS to send us a reminder to follow up with that customer. Is that possible and how do I set it up?


in summary, how are they setting up the automatic debit process? Is this a process where a tag could be applied, with automation, once it is done?

If this is the case, you could put a contact in a sequence that containes timed reminders, with a tag goal at the end, that could pull them out of the sequence, the moment they got the tag.

Not sure if this would work in your process, but I wanted to get the ideas rolling. :slight_smile:

Hi James,

For now I’ve set it up like this: tag → sequence > email with direct debit form link > 48h delay timer > Task → Link clicked goal

This works but only to an extend because we will only get a notification to follow up with customers who have not clicked on the direct debit link at all. We will not get notified for customers who open the link but don’t complete and submit the form. That’s the issue…

The direct debit is with gocardless which is not fully integrated with Infusionsoft.

I am looking for solutions for the customers who open the link and don;t submit the form within 48h. I realise it’s a tricky one.