How do I apply a tag to a list of e-mail subscribers who are already on my list?

I have a list of e-mail addresses that I want to apply a tag. I don’t want to import them because they are already subscribed. They had all clicked on a link in a broadcast e-mail and I want to send them a follow up email. This is not part of a campaign.


If I understand you correctly you have a list of people that subscribed by clicking an email link that you want to tag.

The good news is that there are a couple of ways to achieve this depending on the information you have.

First, if you know of anything unique about this list that you can search for in Infusionsoft you can select all the search results and then choose to apply or remove a tag. This link goes to an article that will show you how.

The second option is based on your statement that you don’t want to import them. Hopefully that means that you want to tag. If you do then you can use the data cleanup feature to tag everyone. To get there you will pull up the Infusionsoft menu in your application and then choose Data Cleanup in the admin column. Once you click it a list will appear and you want to choose “Modify Existing Records”.

This works very similarly to importing contacts, but is for modifying records already in your Infusionsoft account instead of importing new contacts. Click here for some additional information on how this works.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance.


Thank you David! Time to go tinker and send off another e-mail.

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You’re welcome! Good luck!

This is how I solved it. It did involve an import and at first I was concerned about duplicate records…it worked like a charm!

  1. Downloaded the click report from that broadcast. Selected ID and Link.
  2. Sorted by link.
  3. Deleted the rows that were for links that I wasn’t interested in targeting.
  4. Added a column with the title “tag”
  5. Added the tag name to each record in the new column.
  6. Save as CSV file
  7. Import to update/modify contacts
  8. Linked the Id in the CSV file with the Infusionsoft ID
  9. Selected create tag based on the tag column
  10. Voila, 120 records updated, sent a targeted broadcast.
  11. Watching for new course enrollments.

All in all, it was pretty quick. Learned something new.

When I originally set up the broadcast email I couldn’t figure out how to tag a text link. I see how that I can tag a button link.

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