How can I set up notifications to find out when people open and click my emails?

How can I set up notifications to find out when people open and click my emails? We’re doing email prospecting and would like to know when a contact opens out email right when it happens.

This would be easy enough if the triggering of open notification was only up to Infusionsoft. There are many methods that can be used to do this but that really isn’t the challenge you’ll come across. Every email client has different methods in place for handling emails. The interface they use can drastically change your results. Specifically, if an email comes into my Office 365 account and I have the UI open, then the moment it becomes hilighted by the preview process, it also triggers all code in the email, including open triggers. I didn’t open it but it hit the preview which reported it as having been opened. I could see the sender, delete the email and never actually open/read it and it will still report to the sender that it was opened. All email clients have different quirks and for this reason, open rates are way too overrated. Click rates have more meaning because they only indicate a persons interaction but then you want to be certain to measure clicking the link, arriving on the form, submitting the form and confirming/responding to the call to action, otherwise the results have no real usefulness.

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Sometimes I go into the Email & Broadcast section, View Email Broadcast, then Click Report View and in the Broadcast Stats I click on the % of Unique Opens. It will display the list of who “opened” the email so far. Then I apply a tag to that list to let me know they have an opened status for that email. Sometimes I redo this process later.

You can also go to the Dashboard, look for Recent Activities, Edit Current Criteria/Columns choose EmailOpen and apply a tag. This method can apply a tag across broadcasts, campaigns, etc.

I suppose you can trigger the creation of a note or task when tag is applied but I haven’t done that. Mostly I use this approach to resend an email (sometimes with a different subject) if it doesn’t appear to have been opened the first time it was sent.

Not perfect for the reasons John mentioned and because it’s a manual process but I use this approach sometimes.

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