Campain Email Opens

Hello all,
We send out quotes via an email right from the leads quick search page. We’ve got a template with a 1x1 pixel clear img set up with an auto link so that a temporary tag is applied to that lead when the email is opened which starts a campaign sequence. The problem happens when the email viewer doens’t auto open images. They can even click on the PDF quote attachment but if the email browser doesn’t show the images there is no tag applied and thus no campaign is started. Is there a better way to apply tags when emails are opened when sent from the lead quick search page? I would think that if the software can track the open rate it knows when the emails are opened so there’s got be a more consistent way of getting this done.


The way that Infusionsoft (and most email marketing platforms) track open rates is by embedding a tracking pixel as well, so, the same difficulties you’re running into would probably exist with the native open rate tracking functionality as well.

As I understand it, this is largely the reason that Email Open rates are considered such an unreliable metric. (Read: Why email open rates are a crappy metric)

However, did you know there is a native quote-viewed goal in the campaign builder? This probably won’t completely solve your issue, but it might make your setup process easier:


Yeah, so what @Greg_Jenkins has described is correct. There are many ways to assign something to happen or trigger when an email is ‘opened’ and the action itself is quite reliable. The problem comes into play when we consider what various email clients consider or report as ‘opened’.

My company uses Office365 for example. I leave my client open pretty much 24/7. When an email comes in, the preview generates and all code that comprises that email is run…including open triggers. Now when I sit down to go through emails, I might see that the email isn’t something I care to read right now…or ever. I could move it or even delete it, all without ever having actually opened or read it. You now have a report of an open email that was never truly opened by the recipient. Every email client operates with different conditions and there is no industry wide standard to attempt to manage this. Therefor, while the action of raising a tag or triggering the reporting of an email being opened could be accurate, the actual real life conditions make it impossible to count on as being anything but subjective.

Thanks guys. Are there any best practices for setting up auto follow up campaigns that rely on this info? I have it set up so if the “Received Quote” tag hasn’t been applied in 3 days an email from me, the owner, goes out asking them if they’ve received everything they need which is maybe the best thing that a person can do.

I’d definitely send out a plain-text looking email as a check in/reminder to make it look more personal and less branded. If that doesn’t get a response, a task for you to call would also be an idea.

Agree with @Cheryl_Hunt. It’s also a good idea to send the initial double opt in request in text only to improve chances of inbox placement and establish a history of interest to the email client.