Automation links tags are not working

Hi everyone,

I’m not sure if anyone is facing this issue too… I use Graphly to analyse data from Infusionsoft. One of this data is about my open/click rate email campaigns. I set up all my email campaigns using the Automation link functionality at Marketing settings. Basically, I created a automation link that tags a customer when this link is open. Then I add an top image at the top of my emails and instead add a real image, I use the link and add the link code for the automation link that I want to track. So, every time someone opens my email, it will be tagged as “open email 1” for example and I can see the data on Graphly.

It was working until last week and then I noticed that some emails on my report were showing as 0% open rate even though I have positive numbers on click rates. I’ve checked all customers that had the tag clicked (tag is linked to a link, not to a automation link), but none had the tag open, that is inserted when someone opens an email with the image linked to an automation link. Any ideas why this functionality is not working anymore?

That is very interesting, is it a problem with Graphly or Infusionsoft? It kind of sounds like more Graphly, but idk.

Hi Joe, is Infusionsoft… There is no open email tags in any customer anymore, only sent and clicked.

@Isabel_Couceiro, what explanation did Graphly give when you contacted them? We use Graphly as well, and Jarrod and the support team are usually very good at diagnosing things.

Hi Cheryl, just got graphly reply:

_Hi Isabel! _
Some email providers to not automatically load images by default, which is what applies the open tag. To counteract this, we recommend adding the Open tag to any links that are applying the click tags. This is to prevent having more clicks than opens.

I will try it now and see if works. My issue is none of the emails providers have open rate tags anymore. So I’m still not sure.

Hi Isabel. At least you know that they work…just not for providers like Outlook where you have enable images. Opens are generally not considered a reliable metric for the reason that Graphly mentioned. Thanks for the update :slight_smile: Good luck to you!

Hi Isabel,

We’ve the same problem since a couple of weeks, it worked very good for a long time but suddenly it stopped working…

Sorry no solution yet, but just want to let you know that it’s an issue not only related to your setup I think.

Thank you guys. Not fixed yet…