Since I can't use a pixel, how do I apply tag when an email is opened?

We noticed that the only way for us to track an open with a pixel is if you double click on the email and that doesn’t work in gmail and other email clients. Is OpenTracker the only option here? Is there a native Infusionsoft fix?

There was a hack using automation links but it does not work anymore with gmail, hotmail , yahoo (and probably some other mail providers too). That hack had some other disadvantage too, like each email open was also considered as link click so you would lose actual click rate, but that does not matter anymore since it does not work for most mail clients.

OpenTracker is the only solution that works at the moment. You can try the free trial to test the same (no credit card required for trial).

Disclosure: OpenTracker is our product.

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@mihir, do you know if this works with Keap?

Yes @martinc, it works with Keap too and instructions remains same as well - OpenTracker 101 - How to track email opens in Infusionsoft campaign? - YouTube