Triggered Events Based On Email Opens

I’m trying to figure out a way to trigger automation in a campaign based on whether or not someone opens an email. I know there used to be an html hack for this, but I wasn’t able to get it to work correctly. Any ideas?


Chad Hart

The HTML hack is still really the only way to handle this. There are a handful of blog posts and videos out there, but most of them are pretty dated. :frowning:

I did come across this plugin yesterday that might be worth a look: Email Open Tracking for Infusionsoft – WordPress plugin |

I’ve seen this plugin, too, @Greg_Jenkins. I might be wrong but I think you still have to create the Action Set (the normal hack procedure) and the plugin generates the code for the image pixel.

You are not wrong. :sunglasses:


Here’s another video covering this process/hack: Advanced Infusionsoft Training - Email Open Automation Walkthrough - PLS Consulting - YouTube (Shout out to @Paul_Sokol)

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