How can I pass a unique ID to an order form and have that ID saved with the order?

I know that I can pass an ID to my order form URL and use code on the page to copy the ID from the URL and save it into a field, but is there an order form field that I can save this unique ID to? My goal is to be able to save a unique ID passed into each order form and save it with each order. I will then use an HTTP post to send this unique ID back to me wentever a recurring order is processed.

Can anyone help?

I just sent you an email on this. It is possible with a custom field on the order record. But you’re going to need to use the API to get the data from a contact field to the order field. MyFusionHelper might have a tool (the Move It Helper) that can do this. If not, it’ll be a little bit of coding.

It’s my understanding that a custom order field cannot be passed on a campaign HTTP post or a Purchase Action. This that true? I sent you an email with a possible workaround.


The UI can’t make use of the merge field from anything but the contact table. The api, with the contact’s id, can however, make use of the custom fields on all 7 major tables.

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