Creating a custom order form


Hi, I’m trying to create a custom order form. No I’m running into a slight issue.

So when I add an item to the “order,” I have to pass a product “id”, but there is no way that I can find to retrieve a list of products via XML RPC, So how do I know what I’m adding?

PLUS, can I just add a dummy product ID like a bazillion and not worry about it and have Infusionsoft charge it anyway?

DataService.Query the Products table. You will find the Ids in there.


In whatever front end code you’re using to build the order, have the product Id as a hidden field or data element. Then your API code can use the ID without an extra API call.

The product table contains all the information needed including the id of each product. You CANNOT use any random id, however, as IS needs to be able to match it up with something that will provide cost/expense and description for the product(s).