Custom Order From Drop Down Populate in Contacts

Hello - I have added coded drop down options on an order form and would like to know how to have that information report back to us either when the purchase happens or if it can be automatically populated into the contact record?

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance:slight_smile:slightly_smiling_face:


I believe if you name the id attribute correctly it will do it automatically but I usually opt to redirect the thank you page to a php script and then update the record myself.

I am not super savvy on the coding part and have been pulling code form the internet trying to patch this together. I have been unable to figure the id attribute connect between the form and the contact file -

how would a thank you allow me to get the additional data I need?

Context: customers have the option to choose 2-4 options from a list of 8 to which we need to then catalog and tag them in IS for campaigns

I apologize for forgetting to thank you for the response :slight_smile:

PS: I don’t mind manually adding them, the order form just does not populate what they chose on the receiving end through the form nor through IS

Hi @Kenny_Landis,

Are you using order custom fields to capture this data on the order form? If so you should be able to accomplish your goal via the method @John_Borelli mentioned.

You will need to take the orderId parameter that’s passed to the thank you page and use it to look up the contactId. You’ll need to use DataService.load for the Job table and request that ContactId be returned. From there you can set fields on the contact or apply tags.

I created custom drop down fields for the contact page, however, they did not show up on the order form. So I created drop-down menus in the html section of the order form.

Here is the order form to see what I am referencing. Also, I am researching the additional information you just provided to see if I can figure it out. Much appreciation for all of your insights and assistance.

I looked through your order form and configured custom fields and I see a few issues. First of all, I don’t see a custom field called AlumRegistration in your list of custom fields but that’s the name used in your custom html.

Secondly, it looks like you have four different drop downs all trying collect data into the same field. This will result in only one of the values being persisted.

I believe your select tag will need to have a name attribute in addition to id.

Lastly, the option values will need to match exactly what is configured on your custom field drop down options.

I don’t believe that doing this is an officially supported feature, it just happens to work. However, if you make those changes you should be able to capture contact custom fields directly from the form.

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