Passing Contact ID onto URL of "Thank You" page after order form submission

Is it possible to pass Contact ID onto URL of “Thank You” page after order form submission? Trying to capture unique field to assign digital key.

Hi Mike,

The Contact ID is automatically added to the URL for the Thank You Page. This will allow you to use Merge field to capture contact information. Here is an example.

Thank you. What about passing the Contact ID onto a “Thank You” page not hosted by Infusionsoft? I see that there’s a checkbox on the order form set up, but when I test I do not see the info in the URL parameters.


Hey Mike,

My experience with order form thank you pages is that the only useful data passed on the URL is the OrderID. You have to use the API to pull the ContactId from the Order. This may have changed since the last time I checked, but that’s how I’ve always done custom order form processing.

Jordan is correct. The information is passed in the URL but you would need custom coding in order to pull that information.

I would agree. We usually use endpoints for local reference and return json to javascript/jQuery from their.

I partially agree.
We need to pass the _ga parameter to ensure cross-domain tracking consistency with the thank you page on our website and the checkout form on Infusionsoft.

Right now, Infusionsoft doesn’t forward custom parameters that are already in the query, nor it is permitting to add custom parameters in the post towards the thank you page.

Anyone has found a way to forward the parameter _ga?