Order Custom Field

Hi there!

I would like to ask another question regarding APIs. Is there a merge field for the order custom field that can be used in the HTTP post?

Thank you.

https posts are sent from within campaigns or as a purchase automation trigger. In both cases, order information is not available to them. With REST Hooks, however, you can trigger actions based on orders being created and/or payments being made. In many situations that would be a solution. From the UI, however, that information isn’t available to http posts.

So, is there a way for me to use the order custom field or the total amount and send it to like per say Mindbody API?

If you use IS REST Hooks for orders they will send a contact id and an order id whenever one is created. The IS api can then be used to pull that specific order data and then the sales api for MindBody can be used to update MindBody: