How can I change images in Shopping Cart Themes?

I’m trying to change the main image in my infusionsoft theme. I can take the current image out in the html area, but I have not been able to find where I can upload a new image.

If you are referring to the top logo banner, click edit to upload a new one.

No, not that one. I looking to change the main theme image. I was able to remove the image they had but I need to be able to upload an image into Infusionsoft. Apparently they’re using a web host for images. I don’t see anywhere for Images beyond the logos and stuff in setup.

If you edit your shopping cart theme and under the images tab, click edit in the lower right, then you can upload a new image. Other than that, the company logo would have to be changed in your branding center if that’s what you’re looking to change.

Thank you John but I’m not talking about the header logo. I’ve already changed that. I’m talking about the main logo in the Custom Checkout Bottom. There was an image in there that is shown in the theme default. I don’t see anywhere in my Infusionsoft where I can upload a library of images to use for these places. And since they are on my computer I don’t have a url to use for the image. I can’t even upload a screen shot here to show you, it just puts text in my reply here.