Help needed changing HTML code in online store to add picture next to product category

We have an online store set up for our products within Infusionsoft. We have it set up with categories and subcategories. We have it set so the items in the subcategories only show when the subcategory is selected; that is, all of the products in all of the subcategories do not show up on the screen when just the main category is selected. Therefore, when you click on the main category, it shows a blank screen to the right and the subcategories to choose from on the left (go to, which is how we prefer it. However, is there any way to use the right side blank area to display a picture that would cover most or all of that available area? (We would like to put an advertisement there related to the products in that category.) I’ve asked this question of Infusionsoft support and all they can tell me is that they do not have the resources to help me and to post in this forum. They said the html would need to be changed and that it is located at E-Commerce>E-Commerce Setup>Shopping Cart Themes>Active Theme>Edit>Edit CSS), but they couldn’t be helpful as to exactly which lines of code there would need to be altered. I’m not all that savvy in reading and changing html code. Is there anyone out there that can help us get this done?

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I’ve customized order forms and shopping cart elements but it would be more than a line or two of code (most likely would require actually adding some) and you might find it to interrupt mobile responsiveness.

Hi John:

Would you be interested in doing this for us, and if so, can you quote a price?

If not, can you suggest anyone who you think could?

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I sent you a PM