Adding images to an order form

I’m planning to use the two-column template for an order form. I’d like to add images to the right column for customer testimonials. I tried using html: <img src=… but I don’t know where to point to inside Infusionsoft. I think images are stored when I put them in emails, but I don’t see an image storage folder anywhere. Is there any way to add images to an order form? I attached an image of someone else’s non-Infusionsoft(?) order form that I’d like to emulate. Thanks, Shungaboy

You don’t have a way to link to images that have been uploaded into your app. If you want to custom html images into your order form, you will want to host the images on a CDN or your own website and reference them from there.

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Thank you, John! I was able to add images to the right column by hosting the images on my own website and referencing them from there. I finally figured out that when I right click on the image on my webpage, there’s the “copy image address” option.

There you go! :wink:

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