Is there a way to add a custom image to a quote?

Like all organizations we are trying to streamline an integrate as much as possible, so we want centralize all customer data (quotes and Invoicing especially) in the CRM and specifically within the contact’s opportunity. The current structure and formatting for sending a quote is fine expect for one minor issue. Adding custom images to an invoice or quote. Infusionsoft does not currently permit this action.

We specialize in custom products like canopies, tablecloths, banner flags, etc. and need to show potential clients mock-up images of a product(s). I know there is a potential work around using custom forms under the e-commerce section, however that data is not linked the contact’s opportunity, which is a problem for us.

We have to be able to add images to the quote and are looking for any potential options.

Does anyone know of a plugin, work around or API that can be a solution for us?

If this is not possible, is there a work around, or custom API options?


Hi Matt, Currently there isn’t a way to add an image to the quote but I am happy to submit that as product feedback.

As a work around you can add a Image URL to the Quote Email that is sent.

And here is a video

Thanks Amanda!