Add Image/Text below the Place Order Button (Order Form)


I want to add an image and some text below the purchase button (Place Order), but not sure how to do that or if it’s possible.

To be particular I want to add client testimonials below the button.

Anyone who can help me with the script or code that I should use? Thanks!

Do you have a link to the Order Form?

There has been several generations of the order form, so we need to see which one you are using.


Generally it would need to be “inserted” into the table entry that contains that button but it can be done. It definitely would be a matter of code and as @Pav has already mentioned, we can be more specific if you can share a link to inspect.

This is the order form

so this would require using Javascript to insert the image in the bottom of the container that the button is in. What kind of image? Full banner length? A logo?

What we really want is to transfer the 30-day money back guarantee SEAL near/beside the Place Order and Payment Info. But I don’t know how to use only half of the page for the Payment Info and half for the Gold Seal.

If it’s not possible then adding it below the place order button will suffice.

Here is some Javascript code you can use, it places the image below the “Join Now” button.
You can put it in any of the Order HTML Areas.

Note, I just used your image on your form. If you need to change it, just change the link within the code. The width has also been set to 300 pixels.

    jQuery('div.checkoutLinks').append('<div><img style="width:300px;" src="" /></div>');

How it looks when its done.

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Hi there!

Thank you so much for your help! But is there a way to place it here?

Try this:

    jQuery('#paymentSelection td.pay4').css('width', '100px');
    jQuery('#paymentSelection tr.cellLow').append('<td><img style="width:300px;" src="" /></td>');


Thank you!