Upsell Image Features and Button Text

The upsell feature is great, but without having an image it hurts my chances of people opting in. Is there a way to include an image.

Also, the button says “buy now” is there a way to change it to say “add”

Thank you!


You see the ‘buy now’ button on an 'Upsell" promotion type?

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Hey Nicollete! I was able to get the upsell button text changed by using this. Place it in the footer of the order form.

<script type="text/javascript">  
 function changeUpsellButton() {  
   var str = document.getElementById("UP_SELLS").innerHTML;  
   var res = str.replace("Buy Now", "Add this to my order!");  
   document.getElementById("UP_SELLS").innerHTML = res;;  
 window.onload = changeUpsellButton;  

and… if you want the main Place Order button change:

<script type="text/javascript">  
   function changeCheckoutButton() {  
   var str = document.getElementById("CHECKOUT_LINKS").innerHTML;  
   var res = str.replace("Place Order", "Complete my Reservation");  
   document.getElementById("CHECKOUT_LINKS").innerHTML = res;;  
 window.onload = changeCheckoutButton;  

(obviously change the text to what you want)


Hey Tom,
This is exactly what I was looking to do, but when I paste that code into my order form footer, it doesn’t render any verbiage changes to the buy now button, but it does remove the css surrounding the verbiage that makes it look like a button, so now I just have “Buy Now” as a text link :frowning:

Any suggestions or recommendations?

sample order form here:

You could try the following:

var temp=jQuery('.upsellButton');
foreach (temp as t) {
     t.innerHTML="whatever you want it to say";

Hey John,
thanks so much for trying - that didn’t work either. I also can’t figure out why the css got stripped. I removed both scripts that I have tried from this string and the buy now button is still gone. ugh…

Did you notice that you have two semi colons at the end of the last code line above?

document.getElementById("CHECKOUT_LINKS").innerHTML = res;;

I can’t find that anywhere in my code. I removed both scripts so if that is there, its not coming from code that I have access to I guess.

oh shoot lol I was looking at the other person’s and thought it was yours. Sorry.

When I go to the link and use my browser to do what I posted, it worked. Not sure why it wouldn’t for you?

I was able to get my css to start working again. However, I have not been able to get that little script to work at all - even when i take out that extra semi-colon! :wink: