Is there a way to add a custom field to an order form?

I have a reseller who marks up our subscription service and resells. They collect the funds from their clients and then pay us using an Infusionsoft order form. The challenge is that in order to keep things straight we need to know the name of each of our clients customers. Since they are paying us (not their client) they will be the “buyer” on all of our order forms. Is there a way through Infusionsoft or a 3rd party app to add a custom field for the clients name…or some other workaround so we can associate the real client name with each of our reseller partners?

You can add a field on order forms and then map them to a custom field on the contact records.

John, where do you go to add a field on an order form?

Either in the template or the order form itself, there is an html tab where you can add html coded content.