Add field to order form

Can anyone tell me how to add the Title field to an order form?


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If you are talking about the Title as in “Mr, Mrs, etc”, that is part of the Name field.

If that’s not it, let me know what Title you are looking for.

Hope that helps.




Yes that is the Title I need. But I am setting up my order form under E-commerce and there is no where to select which fields to display. It does not default to include the title.

@Jeff_Arnold, I think @Diane_Alderson was talking about adding it to an Order Form. It looks like you are using a web form?

Yes, that is correct.

Yep … my bad.
This is the process I used to follow, but I tested just now and it doesn’t seem to work:

I don’t have another solution that I’m aware of, unfortunately.



Other than custom coding, me neither.