How to Change Images in the Storefront Template

I am trying to change the templete image in “Store Front; Custom Home Product Grid Top” with one of my images. The image that is there now is img src=‘/resources/styledcart/images/breeze/two-column/breeze-banner.png’ I want to replace it with my own image.

How do I upload images to somewhere in the Infusionsoft Storefront where it can be accessed for the storefon?

How do I get one of my uploaded images into the “Custom Home Product Grid Top”?
Thank you for the help?

Try the filebox.

After it’s uploaded you can go to the company images section. Then right click and ‘copy image address’


Thank you for the prompt feedback.

I am getting that far. I uploaded the image I want to exchange with the template image

I go to >e-commerece setup > Design >Shopping Cart Themes >edit (for my choice of 2 column Breeze Theme) >HTML Areas

Then at the bottom is “Custom Home Product Grid Top” where I want to replace, circled in red,

“img src=‘/resources/styledcart/images/breeze/two-column/breeze-banner.png’”
with the image I uploaded under > file ; > My Files “banner-mbpr-protocols”

How do I replace my image
Thanks again for your quick response from the Community Help Forum.



ohh, I see the problem. For some reason, infusion is not providing the full link with .jpg .png, I thought it did do that.

You can just upload the image to your website and then change:
img src=“https://www.DrIrving.Com/images/newImageLocationGoesHere.jpg

Here’s a quick reference for background image:

Note: you would want to use https:// to avoid an error