Storefront setup

Where can I go to setup my storefront and change the design?

Under e-commerce setup (not settings) you must select the template you wish to use (or create a custom template). Then you can edit that template where there are html and css tabs that will allow for customizing the shopping cart’s appearance. There’s also the option of using the legacy shopping cart, which in my opinion, seems more flexible when it comes to customizing appearance. But you’ll have to implement html and css one way or the other, in order to make any real changes with appearance.

How do you get there? What is the path I don’t see it.

Hi, @Lisa_Ealy,

Which product are you using (just checking to be sure)? If you’re using Infusionsoft by Keap and you don’t see it then you’ll likely need to talk to an account manager about adding that module to your account. If you’re using Keap (the product) or Keap Pro, then the module is not available to you in that product.