How to change the favicon in infusionsoft

Hello I have looked and cannot seem to find the information that allows me to have my favicon show up instead of the infusionsoft favicon in places like my thank you page.
any help would be appreciated.

There isn’t a setting anywhere to change the favicon. There is a progammatic way to accomplish it though:

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Awesome John - thank you. How much will you charge to do this for me? LOL. It is a little bit above my tech knowledge.

It can be broken down into several steps. Novak tip is a bit on the technical side, and does not explain everything you need to do.

Can you show us the website which contains the favicon?


Awesome. Thanks John_Borelli.

I just pasted that code from the novaksolutions site, replaced the location with my favicon location and put it in the header code of my Order Form. Works like a dream. Cheers.