Help Creating Action Set to Remove Contacts from a Campaign, if they are manually Tagged 'SYSTEM - Invalid Contact'

We’ve received 1,000 spam bot submissions to our webforms in the last 30 days. In trying to parse through them, I’ve begun tagging the false leads with ‘SYSTEM - Invalid Contact’.

Can I create an Action Set to remove all contacts with that tag from our campaign?

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There isn’t a way to run an action set to delete a record.
You could either:

  • Put a Custom Statistics widget on your dashboard with everyone with this tag, then weekly go through and delete all of these contacts, or
  • Look at NovakSolutions — they have a tool that will auto-delete records. They give you one free tool to use, so it may be beneficial.

Hope that helps.



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Simply search for contacts with that tag then click actions at the top of the list and select delete. I have a “Delete” tag which is applied manually and automatically for various reasons. Whenever I get the itch, I delete them all manually.

1000 spam submissions in only 30 days is a ton. See why they are getting though, or where they come from, then adjust accordingly (e.g. move the page, remove it from search indexing, add a captcha, etc.).

Thank you both for your advice. It is much appreciated.