Goldmine data migration to IS

Goldmine CRM has been my data base and contact management system for 20+ yrs and it is not able to keep up with what we want and need to do… Currently looking to move to IS and want to find a expert who has moved the Goldmine data to IS…

Goldmine has been around considerably longer than IS. As such, it might be a bit of a ‘unicorn’ to find someone that has experience with this migration. You may also find that not all information can be directly migrated without involving api migration for some of it.

I agree with John - you’ll probably need to bring in an API expert to work with on the data migration. If you can get your data out of Goldmine (CSV export or what have you), then any of the API experts in the community can help you get that data into Infusionsoft in the best possible way. My company, Novak Solutions, has done data imports and API to API integrations of this nature dozens of times.

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Hi, @Glen_Kelleway
If you want to migrate from Goldmine CRM to Infusionsoft, check out the Data2CRM service. Their tech experts can import your data in a fast and secure way. Among benefits there are field/user mapping, security insurance, custom fields migration, experienced tech support. More info you can find here: Keap Marketplace
Hope my answer will be helpful!

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Hello Yulia,

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I have CC VAR who is assisting me with this