How do I backup Infusionsoft

Hi. My name is Julian Dawson. I am a new IS user.

How do I backup the system so that if I do something silly one day, I can then easily roll-back the dbase?

Thanks for your help in anticipation.

Kind regards,

Julian Dawson

Hey Julian,

So, that question is possibly a little more complicated that you might expect. There is no native “roll back” feature for the entire application.

There are various types of data in Infusionsoft (contacts, orders, opportunities, etc), and all of those types of records can be exported en masse. This would allow you to download most of the information you’ve collected.

However, there isn’t such a feature for exporting the campaigns you’ve built, or the emails you’ve written etc. Now, I’ve worked a fair number of Infusionsoft users, and honestly - I’ve only seen one instance where someone accidentally deleted all of their campaigns.

it CAN happen…but it’s incredibly uncommon.

And IF you have some sort of gaffe where things are erased or deleted, before you do anything your first move should be to contact Infusionsoft support. They may be able to “reverse” it, or “roll it back” - sometimes that’s a paid service, but usually it’s well worth the $1000 or whatever it costs.

If you really insist on finding some sort of backup service, the best I’ve seen is from Novak Solutions. I believe they have a few options, so you’d want to chat with them to see what might be the best fit:

Hi there,
It is possible to put all the data into CSV or Excel automatically using Data2CRM migration service
Since that, you will have a backup with preserved relations between records. So, the next time you will import data from CSV or Excel back to IS or another CRM, it will be easy as ABC.