What is the best and safest way to backup all our clients data inside Infusionsoft

I would like to perform a monthly export backup of all our clients data inside Infusionsoft.
What is the best way to do this?
Thanks, Tony

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OK I figured an easy way to export all our current data.

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You may want to take a look at what NovakSolutions offers for backing up Infusionsoft data:


Hi Tony,
That will work well if you have a smaller list… not so well with larger lists

We’ve started experiencing problems in the past few months where if the download is too large it will time out.

We can batch it down into smaller chunks but it becomes a pain.

If anyone else has a solution on what they’ve been doing, would love to hear about it.

Jordan - took a look at your site/service.

We have a larger list, I don’t think we really need back-up every 15 minutes.

Do you offer a monthly upgrade plan?

The backup is incremental, so by pulling every 15 minutes we pull only a minimal amount of data each 15 minutes and avoid needing to run huge backup jobs less regularly. If you want more info - just send us an email: support@novaksolutions.com

Hi there,
If the internal backup doesn’t work for you, it is possible to put all the data into CSV or Excel automatically using Data2CRM migration service

Thank you for your response Sasha :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info Jordan,
I will email you about your system ASAP.

Thank you for the info Oleksandra,

We have just over 100,000 contacts now and we are paying a very large monthly fee to Infusionsoft and I just tried to export my contacts and it is failing of course… :confused:
***Pretty LAME Infusionsoft… very LAME…
****SHAME on you KEAP INFUSIONS for not making this work correctly and easily…???
How do I do this in a BATCH EXPORT? And why dont you have a tutorial that is easy to find to explain how to do this???
WHY ON EARTH cant a large company like Infusionsoft make exporting our data quick and easy???
From one very unhappy unsatisfied grumpy infusionsoft customer that will never recommend your platform to anyone until you shape up and fix this horrible useless garbage…

@Tony_States, does this article help? If not, let me know. Export data from Keap | Max Classic

If the process is timing out, it’s probably due to a too large file size. I don’t have any specifics on file size limits, unfortunately, but support recommended to try to split it up by “contact id” range…like 1 - 50,000; 50,001-100,000, etc… you can then save those searches and export them once a week or whenever.

Contacts > Edit criteria columns > Misc criteria > id range




Scroll down and enter an id range


You can save these searches for future exports.

Thanks for trying to help Martin, but this fails???
I did half my contacts and the lame stupid poorly designed platform loads and shows me only 10,200 contacts??? this platform has a lot to be desired… and this is a nasty lame oversight… WHY cant the developers just use some common sense and make a decent backup system instead of this horrible lame stupid nonsense??? so now what do I do??? this sucks…

I just tried the recommended 50000 and it also times out and failed???