How do I export my data from the main data base?

How do I export my data from the main data base?

Go under CRM —> Contacts
Do a search with no criteria to pull up all of your contacts

Click the checkbox at the top of the list to select all

Run an action —> Export Data

All fields should be checked by default

Go to the bottom and click ‘export’ and it export a CSV of your contact data.


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Here is an article and video if you need a visual:

What are you looking to export? You didn’t say, “how do I export my contacts” which leads me to believe you’d like other information as well. Some data can be directly exported while other data would require one of us developers to create an export to pull the data that the UI doesn’t provide a way to do.

Novak Solutions has a Data Warehouse product that can get your Infusionsoft data.

But beware, this will only cover the data that is accessible via the API, so not everything will be obtained.

Otherwise you would need to get a developer to create a script to obtain the data.