Transfer of data form Pipedrive CRM to Keap

Hi Guys,
We have our data in Pipedrive CRM but are having challenges transferring it to Keap.
Are there any experts anyone recommends to assist us with this preferably in Australia?

Hi Chris,

There is a service called “Trujay” that specialises in CRM Data transfers.

Alternatively, you could try contacting Keap Support to see if they have their own internal service that does this, but no guarantees.

Hope that helps.

These guys can do that job, but it’s going to be extremely expensive. The process involves writing custom code to take data via the Pipedrive API, translate it, and push it into Keap via the Keap API.


We work with folks to build bridges from one CRM to another – and it won’t be “Extremely expensive”, as the previous suggestion. We are not in AUS, but we can accommodate late hours to help out.

Please email me ( if you’d like to discuss.


Use Jeff_Arnold if this guy specializes in it. That will be cheaper. :slightly_smiling_face: