Getting 'Login failed' errors on credit card payment processing

On subscription (monthly recurring orders) payments, we are getting ‘Login failed’ errors on payments even though our clients’ credit cards are working okay and have available funds. We have recently connected Stripe to our Infusionsoft, but have for years been using eWAY and these payments are still to be processed using eWAY. Wondering what is causing this ‘Login failed’ error on payment processing. I have switched off the Stripe connection, but the error is still happening. Thanks in advance for your help!
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And here’s a screencast showing the error happening: “Getting ‘Login failed’ error on credit card payment processing in our Infusionsoft” Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Problem solved. Turns out it was neither Infusionsoft nor eWAY… it was me. Well, it was a LastPass entry of mine that auto logs in for Infusionsoft — that when the eWAY merchant account details webform was open in Infusionsoft, LastPass was (quickly and unnoticeably) changing the email address and password from eWAY’s (as I had manually entered, which uses a different email address {accounts@ instead of my personal email, which Infusionsoft uses) to instead be my normal login details for Infusionsoft, whic of course was not what eWAY needed. D’oh! Double d’oh! Lesson learned.