Setting Up eWay Merchant Account

I am attempting to set up a merchant account using eWay.
I have entered all the account details but am getting a “Login Failed” error message when I try to test the account.

I have triple checked all the details I have entered. I’ve even reset my eWay password to be sure. Then I cut and pasted the details I had entered into IS into my eWay login screen, and was able to log in.
I cut and pasted the eWay account number as well, and have checked that multiple times.

I’m as confident as I can be that the data I have entered is correct, but Infusionsoft isn’t logging in.

eWay chat support says it is an IS problem. IS chat support says it is an eWay problem.

I figure it has got to be something stupid that I’m missing. Maybe my IS account doesn’t give me access to that function, or there is somewhere to put in an api key or something.

Any direction would be appreciated.

hey, @Daniel_Edwards, Keep in mind that most merchant accounts require some type of special password (usually called an “API Password”) that is not the same as the one you use to log in to your merchant account wtih. I would suggest checking out this article on their website and make sure you’ve set up and are using the API password.

Thank you Martin.
It was two things in the end. The API password as you mentioned. Also when I set up the merchant account, I had left it in Test mode.
I updated my API password, and change from test mode to live mode, and it worked.

In any event, I am up and running, thanks again.

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