Can't login into (


It seem like I can’t login into my developer account ?

Seem to have happened arround the keap rebranding period.

The login operation used to be done from this address :

Now it looks like this :

I used to login with a username. I’m trying to log with the email associated (I can clearly confirmed I received all the new API Key I was registering for my web apps to this email address).

When i try to reset the password, I don’t receive the password reset email ( I had noted my orignial password down at 3 places it just doesn’t work - including the Chrome password memory) .

The Keap support tells me to go in the Developper community but I can’t login to make a ticket.

I have registered to the facebook group, maybe I could get some help.

Can someone help me gain access to my account ? It must be there somewhere since my apps are keeping it alive and doing PHP API request that works.

Thank you for reading, hope someone can help me.

You need to register again using the same email address you used before. The new API Proxy has all you keys still you just need to create the account.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer me.

That is a very good news !

I was not doing it to avoid any account duping or confusion.

I will do it right away !!! :star_struck:

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