How do I access my developer CRM user view. I cant find where to go to view my contacts (I have been there before)?

When I go to ‘Developer Partner’ it walks me through how to become one and tries to get me to sign up even tho I am logged in.
I go to my name and ‘Apps’ and my only option is create new ‘app’

Im not sure where to go…

I go to the ‘new developer portal’ and I am prompted to ‘Create an account to get started’ even tho I am logged in.

When I click ‘create an account to get started’

When I click ‘Sign in’

For the front end GUI try:

The Developer Portal login is not the same as the Keap/Infusionsoft application login. Completely separate accounts unfortunately. So if you have never registered as a developer you need to create a new account. Once you are in the term app means an integration application not your personal Keap/Infusionsoft application.