Issues with Logging in?

Anyone else experiencing issues with signing in?

Bossman had some yesterday - I too, experienced this morning as it kept saying my password can’t be the same as the last 4 - I started at Alabama and made it to Deleware yet still can’t get in using Chrome - Any ideas?

I must say, not a bad password naming convention next run!

This may be the issue:

Multiple reports of issues when trying to login from


Issue Number: 2126633

Issue Status: Support Researching

Date Reported:

Estimated Resolution Date: 8/31/2020

August 10th 2020 9:39 AM EST When users go to, click LOGIN and try to login at the page spins for a moment, erases the password field and does not log the user into Account Central.

Alternative Solution:
Going directly to your application’s URL will allow you to login. For example

Product Line: Infusionsoft & Keap


Thank you Sir!