Username and Password error on Clickfunnel Order Form, using Stripe Gateway in Infusionsoft


I am wanting to use Stripe as a payment Gateway in Keap, for a Clickfunnel.

I have added my Stripe account to my Infusionsoft/KEAP account as the Merchant Account, and then integrated Infusionsoft with my Clickfunnels Integration for emails and Payment Gateway.

I am using a Membership Funnel with Clickfunnels and a Shared Campaign for a Membership Program with a $1 Free Trial for 14 Days, that goes into a $57 a month Subscription. In my Campaign this is the first (shopping cart) product they can purchase and it is connected to the Product of the Order Form Clickfunnel.

When I process the payment on the live page of the Clickfunnel website it is saying Invalid Username and Password and is not triggering my Clickfunnel to go to the next page which is my upsell, and it’s not triggering the next step of the Infusionsoft campaign to send them Login details.

On my Infusionsoft Dashboard my Sales shows that it has processed the payment, but the funds have not been received yet - they are owing.

I also have an Upsell Clickfunnel Page after they fill in the Order Form and purchase the Trial and they can purchase the Full Membership course.

I’ve checked with clickfunnels who have said it looks like an Infusionsoft thing…

I’ve searched countless help things with Clickfunnels and Infusionsoft and can’t figure out what is wrong with it all.

Thanks for your help, Chantal

Keap doesn’t have a way to use stripe as a merchant gateway. Not sure what you are actually talking about in that context.

I was told that I could use my Stripe details in the Nexus Merchant Account area. That is probably why I am getting the error message.

I’ve looked at signing up with eWay… then someone tells me that it may not be accepted because I have to have page for privacy and t&c’s on my website for my Clickfunnels…???

It’s ok.

I’m just going to try one last time using stripe through Clickfunnels and if it doesn’t work… I’m done.

I’m very disheartened :frowning:

Can’t say I’m sure about the Nexus Merchant answer. I know there are options like stripeyfuse?

I’ve done it!

This is the username and password error that was on my funnel Order Form.’s-username-and-merchant’s-password/?v=1539271566277

After all my persistence and perseverance, I discovered that I needed to create a Nexus Merchant Account, then link my Stripe account to the Nexus Account, and then integrate Nexus with Infusionsoft.

Johan from Nexus Merchants replied in an email = You need to sign up with Nexus Merchants in order to use Stripe with Infusionsoft.

{ lightbulb moment }

The problem was that I had entered my Stripe username and password to the Merchant Account section in Infusionsoft when it was supposed to be a Nexus Merchant Account username and password.

When connecting the Stripe account they need to check out this step also too.


If they have issues, they need to contact Stripe directly and they will change the error through their tech team… it’s something to do with the ‘backend’ due to their changes as mentioned in the link above.


After setting it all up and testing the funnel… it worked!
It submitted the form and then went to the next step of my funnel.

I have kept the links with instructions for the Username and Password error so that you can provide your own customers with new education videos and links to help fix this issue.

Thanks for hanging in there with me John. I hope this helps others with this same issue too.


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Thanks for listing the help for Nexus Merchants - please note that we just changed our FAQ provider and the links are now

We also have great support by emailing and will always get any issues solved when connect Stripe (or our other merchants) to Keap/Infusionsoft.


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