Clickfunnels - stripe - infusionsoft integration

im trying to integreate clickfunnels via stripe payment to infusionsoft to trigger email funnels. I would like to be able to tag the 3 different products in the clickfunnels sales process with the 3 different infusionsoft product tags to trigger those 3 different email funnels. any suggestions? im trying zap but no luck


Someone else might have a different idea, but I’ve written scripts to respond to Stripe webhook data to raise tags for triggering things like this. That would be my goto anyway.

Hi Robyn! I’m sure you have found an answer. But with clickfunnels - you can go into the products tab of the funnel step and set up an integration via webform. Then in IFS - you can have it set the tag when the webform is completed.

Hope that helps!

This is not working for me. I have set the integration giving the webform name but is not working.