Full Name Field

I need to create a field that has the full name of the contact. I use Teachable and they use the full name in a single field for registration.

Hi Susan,

If your integration allows for you to map custom fields from Infusionsoft, you could create a custom field called Full Name.

The challenge that you may need to overcome, is how you will be populating this field with the customers full name.

Thanks for your response.

What I’m thinking now is that I create a Custom Field for the Full Name. When the contact registers, they add their Full Name into that field. Then the Contact First Name and the Contact Last Name are populated from the credit card form.

Does this sound like a good solution?

Seems odd that we can’t merge fields easily. Maybe I’ll add that as a suggestion.

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This sounds like it should work. I always recommend testing out these things, but I am sure you will :slight_smile:

As for a suggestion, I believe this would be a good suggestion. I am not sure if you are familiar with our official feedback form @ https://infusionsoft.com/tellus Go ahead and bookmark that, and feel free to share with us, whenever you come across something.

Thank you! I just sent the suggestion and linked this thread.

Enjoy your day!