Populating contact record from Landing Page

How does the information like Job Title, Grade and District entered into the landing page from a virtual field find it’s way to the contact record? The only choice that I could find using Virtual Fields on the Landing Page for drop down choices (Job title and grade) is to link each choice to a tag. It would be nice if there was a way to merge the choices entered in virtual fields when building the landing page. I just don’t see how. We need each field on the Landing Page to populate the customer record - School District = Company (by state - in this case 0036), Job Title = choice of principal, AP, curriculum resource, student teacher, teacher, math tutor, event they attended and date.

In those cases you would create a ‘custom field’ for the fields and then put those fields as actual fields (not virtual fields) into the landing page.

So what is the purpose of the Virtual Field?

It allows you to collect data that you can use to tag people based on the information.

I typically use it for getting demographic info (gender m/f — apply the applicable tag, etc.).


That is what I was trying to accomplish. This LP is for prospects to sing up for a math clinic, designed to indicate from a drop down selection - job title, from a grade drop down - 3rd, 4th, 5th grade or other. I can see the tag number applied to the customer record, but not in the customer field in the contact record. ie: Job Title in the customer record is blank.

If you are trying to have the data actually save in the contact record (job title) — then you need to use an actual field value, not a virtual field. The virtual field can ONLY have a tag applied — the data can’t be saved anywhere.


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OK. Then this means I have to learn how to duplicate the drop down box using a Custom Field. Still working at mastering IS. Long way to go!

If you go into your main menu - Admin - Settings — there is a drop down for ‘contact’ with a ‘go’ button next to it.
Click ‘go’

That will take you to where you can create your custom field as a dropdown with your options.

After created, add it to your landing page.


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A thousand times - THANK YOU!
I’ll give that a try.

Related to the same, with a limit of 100 InfusionSoft Custom Fields, does the number of options within one Custom Field count toward the 100 or is it a Custom Field of 100 with unlimited (or some number) of options within each field?


Options don’t count — just the field itself, so if this dropdown has 20 options, it is only one Custom Field


Thanks so much.


As two alternatives:

#1: after your virtual field applies a tag, use an action set to enter the given value in the field of your choice…


#2: use a 3rd party add-on like MyFusion Helper to accomplish this task for you. Very reasonable cost and it offers so much more, you’ll wonder how and why you’d use IS without it :-).

Good luck!