Database names for default fields and custom fields?

A client’s developer has asked for more information on the database names of various fields so that they can set up a web form (infusionsoft form).

I had a look and the fields native to Infusionsoft are formatted like User.FirstName, with the User. at the beginning, whereas custom fields are displayed as Numberofcars for example. Is this just an error in how they’re displayed on the custom field side? Should the developer use User.Numberofcars instead?

Also I imagine that all the info they would need would be on the form code I sent them from within the form editor in the campaign builder, is it possible that’s not the case?

Sorry if this is a silly question, I’m not too learned when it comes to this part of CRM.


They should have what they need on their end from the web form IF you published it before sending them the code.

Depends what they are doing … there are Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) field name “inf_field_firstName” etc and then they are the code names that are used in API calls.

Custom fields start with the underscore when working with API “_Numberofcars”.

Note that your User.Field example are USER fields, not CONTACT fields, so those are custom fields related to the database user, not the contact themselves.

If you go to Admin - Settings - Application and then click on one of the ’system labels’ links (Contact), that will show you the database names for the Contact fields.

If you want the field names for the Custom fields, you need to go to Admin - Settings - Custom Fields (GO). Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the custom field names without the underscore (again, they start with the underscore when you use them in APIs).


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your response. The example the developer passed onto me matches your ‘inf_field_firstName’ example in formatting so I think this is what he’s after. How are custom fields displayed when they’re formatted like this?

Would it just be inf_field_numberOfCars?




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Excellent, thanks again!