Form Not Submitting on Mobile/Safari

Hi. I am testing a form that is on a WP site. If I view it on the website, it submits on Chrome, IE and Firefox. However, it doesn’t submit on my iPhone/Safari. The submit button just has the moving lines on it like it is trying but it never actually finishes. What would cause this and is there an easy fix?

Hi, @Linda_Sheridan. Are you using the Infusionsoft WordPress plugin? Can you link me to the form? You can private message me if you don’t want to post it in the community.

Hi @martinc. Yes it is using the plugin. When I click on your avatar, there isn’t an option to (private) message you.

Sorry, @Linda_Sheridan. I fixed that problem. You should be able to message me now.

Just did, thanks!

Hi, @Linda_Sheridan. I had a coworker test your form out on an iPhone 7 with Safari and it worked for her. The contact record name in your system should be “Keap Test”. It may just be your connection.

Thanks for checking. The client has noted that the form is not consistent. It works at times and not at others.